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Using the Appointment Scheduler for recurring appointments
Using the Appointment Scheduler for recurring appointments
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The Appointment Scheduler can be used to book a series of appointments for a patient.

Right-click on an available appointment time, and click Appointment Scheduler

Select the patient whom the appointment is for, confirm the appointment details, then click Next

Specify the start date, frequency, repeats, and days the appointment is for, then click Next.

In the below example, we are creating a Tuesday appointment, that repeats weekly for 5 weeks, starting from Tuesday the 9th of April 2019.

The potential appointment times will then be displayed. At this stage you can use the Add and Edit options to add more dates manually or alter the current listings.

Click the Process button, and Front Desk will check if the listed appointment times are available.

In the above example, 11:45am on Tuesday 16th April is unavailable. To remedy this, click on the Time field, and use the up/down arrows to jump to the next available time on that date. In this case, the next available time is 12PM. Alternatively, you can delete that appointment from the set by clicking the Delete button.

Click the Process button to check if any edited appointment dates/times are available.

Now that all the patient’s appointments have been scheduled, you can opt to use Print Schedule to create a print out of these appointment dates for the patient, then click Finish to complete the process.

Appointment Book Rules

Rules can be used to display areas in your appointment book where practitioners are unavailable for appointments. An example of this are the lunch breaks depicted below.

To prevent the Appointment Scheduler from booking at unavailable times, it is important that any rules indicating unavailability do not have a tick in the Available for Scheduler / Waiting List / Booking Gateway option.

For details on how to create and manage rules in Front Desk, please see our article on Appointment Rules.

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