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Appointment Book Colours Revisited
Appointment Book Colours Revisited
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In this article we are revisiting how to set custom colours for Appointment Types, Appointment Statuses and Rules.

In the past users were restricted to predefined colours, however in recent versions of Front Desk the full colour spectrum is available to choose from.

As an example, we’ll set the colour of an Appointment Type in System Information > Appointment Book > App Types.

Select an Appointment Type, click Edit and double-click the colour name in the Background drop down menu to bring up the colour palette.

Click on Define Custom Colours to expand the window.

You can select your own colours by clicking on the colour spectrum or by setting the Red, Green, Blue (RGB) values on the bottom right. Click Add to Custom Colours to save the colour for use later, then simply click OK.

Here are the RGB values for the pastel colour scheme used in the Appointment Book at the top of the page.

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