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Creating and editing Public Holidays in Front Desk
Creating and editing Public Holidays in Front Desk
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This article will detail how to setup Public Holidays in Front Desk.

By setting Public Holidays, the appointment book will display a visual reminder for the entire day across all Practitioners and Practice Groups. This is similar to using Rules, however it simplifies the process and keeps them separate to general rules for easier management.

Step 1 – Accessing the Holidays tab

Go to the File menu and select System Information.

Scroll across to the right until you reach the AppointmentBook tab and then click on Holidays.

Step 2 – General Settings

Before creating a Public Holiday, first select the cell Colour and Text Colour you would like all holidays to appear with. More colours are available by double-clicking any selected colour.

Next select Can make manual appointments in this period if you would like to be able to make appointments over holiday periods.

Please note this will still prevent ‘automated’ appointments from being made on public holidays, such as when using the Appointment Scheduler, Waiting List or Patient Booking Gateway.

Step 3 – Adding a new Public Holiday

Click the Add button.

Select the Date of the holiday from the drop-down menu.

Next enter a Description for the holiday and click OK.

This will create the Holiday, which will be visible when viewing that day on the Appointment Book. You can now repeat this process any upcoming Public Holidays.

Editing an existing holiday

Many users will previously have entered all their public holidays for the year. Rather than creating a set of new holidays, you may wish to simply ‘roll-over’ the existing entries to next year. Please note this means the public holiday will no longer appear on the original date when looking at the past appointment book.

Highlight the existing holiday in the list and click on the Edit button.

You can now adjust the Date or Description as necessary.

Click OK to save the changes.

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