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Managing Appointment Resources in Front Desk
Managing Appointment Resources in Front Desk
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Resources allow you to manage a room or specific equipment which can be allocated to an appointment. Once allocated the room or equipment is reserved, it cannot be allocated to another appointment over the same time period.

To use this feature, you would first create the resource under the Appointment Book tab of System Information.

You can then assign which practitioners have access to the resource by using the arrows to provide or revoke access.

A resource can then be assigned to an appointment by using the Resource drop down.

Once assigned the resource will no longer be available for selection for other appointments at the same time, across all practitioners. If you hover your mouse over an appointment, you will see any resources allocated to the appointment.

Resources can also be added to Casual Appointments using the Resource drop down.

To view available resources when you hover your mouse over a selected empty appointment time, simply check the Show available resources on Appointment Book option in the Appointment Book settings found in System Information

When you now hover over an appointment slot you will see a list of available resources.

Resources will display in your Day List Report and you can also filter the report on a specific resource if required.

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