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Adding a practitioner column to the appointment book
Adding a practitioner column to the appointment book
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This article demonstrates how to add a practitioner to the Appointment Book in Front Desk.

Prior to commencing, please make sure that you have created the practitioner file you wish to add to the appointment book.

A new practitioner can be created by selecting New from the Practitioners window as below.

Only the practitioner name is required to add an appointment book column, however you may wish to return to the practitioner file later to enter additional information.

To make changes to the appointment book configuration, the appointment book first needs to be closed by clicking the cross in the top right corner of the window. This can be found just below the cross which closes Front Desk itself.

With the appointment book closed, open the Appointment Book tab from System Information, then click on the Columns tab below. To add a practitioner column, click Add.

Select the Practitioner you would like to add to the appointment book and click OK.

Clicking Adv. will allow you to configure Advanced Settings for the column, including whether other practitioners can create appointments within the column, and which default item codes the column will use. This is particularly useful if you wish to have a general ‘Room’ column, which multiple practitioners might book into throughout the day.

Multiple columns can be added for the same practitioner by repeating the steps above.

The appointment book columns can be re-ordered by selecting the practitioner column, then clicking the up and down arrows to change the position.

Once complete, close System Information and reopen your Appointment Book. Your new practitioner columns should now be available.

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