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Creating a Barcodes Sheet for commonly billed Item Codes
Creating a Barcodes Sheet for commonly billed Item Codes
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Front Desk supports the use of a barcode scanner to easily add billed items into Front Desk. This article will show you how to use a pre-built barcode sheet template to create a Barcode Item Code Sheet to have at your reception desk for easy access to your most used item codes. If you would like more information on setting up the barcode scanner integration in Front Desk, see the below link:

First, download our Microsoft Word template here:

When you open it, it should look like this:

Simply fill in each Item Code/ Description with one of your item codes and print it out. You may then wish to then have this sheet laminated.

In Front Desk, all you will need to do is find each item code, put the cursor in the Extended Code (Bar Code) field and scan your printed barcode with your scanner. A number will then appear in the Extended Code (Bar Code) field. Close, and save.

When you are in the receipt or billing screen, you can simply scan the item from the sheet to bill the item.

If the 24 barcodes on the provided template aren’t enough, or you wanted to create your own, you can do so via an online barcode generator, the one which we used was:

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