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Emailing receipts in Front Desk
Emailing receipts in Front Desk
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Did you know that Front Desk can email receipts at the time of billing? Emailing receipts is not only convenient for patients but will also help the environment and cut down on expenses. Here’s how to get started.

Step 1

Set up an email template for your emailed receipts. From the System menu, go to Standard Messages > Standard Emails.

Click New and enter a description for the template.

Next enter a Subject for your email, which will be displayed to the receiver.

Lastly enter the Message you would like to send when emailing your receipts. It is always recommended to include in the body of the message that the receipt has been added as an attachment. When complete, click OK.

Step 2

With the email template now created, you need to set it as the default template when sending receipts. Go to System Information and select the Defaults tab. At the bottom in the Receipt/Bill/Payment section, you can select your default template for 'Email Receipt'.

This will only need to be setup once.

Step 3

To send the receipt, follow the standard billing process where you'll notice the Email and Print check boxes. If the patient would like to receive their receipt by email, make sure Email is ticked.

Once the payment method has been entered, you will be prompted to send the email. After reviewing the email address and message, click send.

Front Desk will automatically remember if a patient previously received a printed or email receipt and remember their preference for next time. If choosing to email a receipt, and the email address entered is different to the email on record, Front Desk will also automatically ask whether you would like to update the patient file with the new address.

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