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Managing NDIS Claims
Managing NDIS Claims
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Billing Accounts in Front Desk can be configured to manage and support the billing of items and services to third parties.

Using NDIS as an example, we will setup a Standard Account, secondary Billing Account and a Treatment Plan to manage the additional account information and funding.

Step 1:
Login to Front Desk as the Admin user.

Step 2:
Navigate to the Advanced tab of System Information and confirm you have Multiple Accounts per Patient enabled.

If this feature was not enabled, please note you will need to restart Front Desk before the change takes effect.

Step 3:
Open the Standard Accounts tab of System Information.

From the Accounts sub-tab, click Add to create a new standard account.

Enter the Account Name and Billing Details, then select the information you would like to Print on Accounts.

In this example we have titled the account ‘NDIS’.

Click Close and Save the changes made.

Step 4:
From the Billing Details tab of the patient file, click New Acc then select the created NDIS account.

This will add a dedicated NDIS billing account to the patient file, which can track transactions and store additional information relating to the account.

Step 5:
From the added NDIS account, enter any relevant Other details such as the account or claim number.

These details will be printed on statements and invoices generated from this account.

Step 6:
Click Treat. Plan to add a treatment plan to the account.

By selecting the By Value option you can track the funding available to this account.
In this case we are allocating $500.00 to the account, and will receive a warning after $450.00 has been used.

If required, the Treatment Plan can also be configured to only track certain Item Codes, Schedules or Item Groups.

I hope this helps in managing your various third-party payers, including the NDIS.

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