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Automatic Appointment Status Change Upon SMS Reply
Automatic Appointment Status Change Upon SMS Reply
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Front Desk makes it easy to automatically change appointment statuses when clients respond to SMS appointment reminders. For Front Desk users that send out SMS appointment reminders and require a Yes to confirm, this is a great tool that can be used to automatically change the appointment status to Confirmed.

The first step to setting this up is to make sure you have a Confirmed appointment status set up. Go to System Information, Statuses and create a Confirmed appointment status if needed, otherwise you can edit your existing appointment statuses.

To enable Front Desk to automatically change an appointment status upon receiving an sms, go to System, Standard SMS Replies.

Create a Standard SMS Reply by clicking Add and then set up what reply Front Desk should be expecting Yes and what you would like the Appointment Status to be changed to Confirmed.

When a patient replies Yes their appointment status will now automatically turn to Confirmed and you will see the colour change for the appointment status (on the left of the appointment) in your appointment book.

Status: Patient Not Confirmed

Status: Confirmed

By default, Front Desk has an appointment status labelled Patient Not Arrived, consider changing this to Patient Not Confirmed if moving to this appointment status model, when requesting appointment confirmations.

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