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The Patient Visit Report is primarily used to find the average number of consultations practitioners are providing their patients per new episode. This can be useful when trying to identify under or over servicing of patients by individual practitioners.

Select Patient Visit from the Reports menu.

The Patient Visit Report dialog will appear.

This report is based on the billed items codes for a consultation. Under the Initial Consult / Treatment section, select the date range and the initial consultation Item Code or Item Group to be used to identify the initial consultation for an episode. Note that this selection must exclude item codes used for subsequent consultations.

All patients who have had an initial consultation billed transaction within the dates and with the selected item code(s) will be included in the results. Note that if a patient has had more than one initial consultation billed, indicating the start of treatment for an episode in this period, only the last episode will be for the report. Further, it is important that the date range ends at some time prior to the date of the report, say 3 months prior, in order to provide time for patients to have their following subsequent consultations.

From the Subsequent Consult/Treatment section, select a subsequent consultation Item Code or Item Group.

To only include transactions associated with a certain practitioner or group, select By Practice and the relevant Practice Group, Reporting Group or Practitioner.

This report can be Printed, Previewed or Exported by clicking the respective buttons.

The Summary version of the report will highlight the results of each practitioner allowing the Practice Manager to compare stats between them.

The detailed version will give greater insight by displaying each patient a practitioner has seen, allowing you to perform case studies and offer coaching for staff members to improve performance.

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