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Introducing Reporting Groups and Item Code Groups
Introducing Reporting Groups and Item Code Groups
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Have you ever wanted to run a report involving multiple practitioners that don’t fit into your existing Practice Group structure?

In the latest version of Front Desk 16.9 we are introducing Reporting Groups and Item Code Groups; a way for users to group select practitioners or item codes for the purpose of reporting.

Reporting Groups

Previously, a practitioner could only belong to one group, which was used as a logical grouping of practitioners. With Reporting Groups, you’re now able to place an individual practitioner in more than one group for reporting purposes.

For example, if you have a practitioner that works at 3 locations and wish to do a consolidated report for the practitioner at all locations, just create a reporting group that contains the practitioner at each location.

To setup a Reporting Group, following the instructions below.

In System Information we have added a Groups tab where you’ll find the familiar Practice Groups and the new Reporting Groups. Select Reporting Groups and then click Add.

Give the Reporting Group a Name. Then double click on any practitioner, or use the arrows in the centre of the window to add all or select practitioners to the group. You can also filter the list of practitioners shown on the left by Practice Group using the drop down menu. Hit OK to save your changes.

When running reports, you will now see a Groups filter, where you’ll find both your existing Practice Groups and your new Reporting Groups.

Item Code Groups

Item Code Groups will allow you to add one or more item codes into a group for the purpose of reporting. e.g if you've got multiple item codes for an initial consult you’ll be able to group these together and see income from all initial consults. Follow the steps below to setup an item code group:

Select File > Item Codes > Item Groups

Click Add to create a new Item Group

Give your Item Group a Name and then either double click on an item code or use the arrows to move item codes into your group and then select OK to save.

The following reports can utilise both Reporting Groups and Item Code Groups after upgrading to Front Desk 16.9:

  • Transaction

  • Billings

  • Trend Analysis

  • Active/Inactive Patients

  • Patient Referrals

  • Patient List

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