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Patient Booking Gateway Reporting
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The Patient Booking Gateway contains an admin portal that allows users to monitor the activity of the gateway in your practice. The gateway performs both an operational and marketing function by allowing existing and new patients to make appointments online 24/7. Not only does this help take a load off the reception staff but it also provides a source of new patients. For optimal results, it is important to monitor and fine-tune its performance in your practice by making changes to your internal procedures, website and marketing.

To visit your Patient Booking Gateway admin portal, simply add “/admin” at the end of your Patient Booking Gateway URL.

The Patient Booking Gateway Admin portal uses the same login credentials you use to log into your Front Desk. By default, only the Admin account has access, though other users can be allowed access by editing their security privileges in Front Desk.

Once logged in, select View to see the site’s statistics.

The first thing you will see on the Booking Gateway Statistics page is the number of logins, which allows you to see how many patients are signing into the Patient Booking Gateway to check their appointments. You can filter this by unique logins, and you can view daily, weekly or monthly activity. This graph also gives you a way to view how many people have signed up for an account, especially useful after you have sent out invitations inviting your existing patients to book online. Over time, this graph can represent how many patients are logging into the Gateway to check their appointment times, which hopefully means they aren’t calling the practice as often!

Selecting Appointment Activity will allow you to see how many appointments have been made, cancelled or rescheduled online. If you hover your mouse over a column, you will get a breakdown of how many new patients, existing patients and (if enabled) group classes have been booked online.

Another source of Patient Booking Gateway information if through the Front Desk Insights Dashboard, which is available at no cost to Front Desk users.

Click here to learn more about the Insights Dashboard.

In this example, the Appointment Report widget has been customised to show you how many appointments booked through the Patient Booking Gateway have been processed (missed, cancelled or rescheduled) so that you can track patients who book online are converted to paying clients.

Simply change the Made By filter to Booking Gateway to see this information as highlighted below.

If you need any assistance with locating your admin portal link or setting up your Insights Dashboard, please open a support case here:

Is your practice interested in offering online bookings? Use the following link to book a time for an online demonstration of the Patient Booking Gateway:

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