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Treatment States in Front Desk
Treatment States in Front Desk
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Treatment States are available in the latest version of Front Desk to assist practices in managing their Treatment Plans, particularly in relation to DVA treatment cycles.

Treatment States can be created for any purpose, with any description, and assigned to active treatment plans. For DVA treatment cycles, this can be used to track when a Patient Care Plan has been created or when the Allied Health Report has been sent.

Firstly, users would create a suitably named Treatment States, such as Care Plan Complete and Report Sent:

This state can then be applied to the Treatment Plan as required.

At the end of the treatment cycle this can be updated to Report Sent.

With this additional functionality, users can track the number or value of treatments, along with specific stages or requirements. The Treatment Plan Report can also be filtered to Treatment States:

This could be used to find patients with an active treatment plan, who did not have the care plan or final report processed appropriately. The Export function will also list the assigned Treatment State for each result.

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