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Follow up patients with the Future Appointments Report
Follow up patients with the Future Appointments Report
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An enhanced Future Appointments Report is now available in the latest version of Front Desk, allowing users to easily contact patients without future appointments. Users can Export, Email and SMS patients directly from this report, or use the Mail Merge and MailChimp functionality.

Go to the Reports menu and select Future Appointments Report.

The Date Range filter can then be used to find patients who had an appointment in a specific period e.g. last week.

If required, you can filter further to only include patients without future appointments or patients who were seen by particular Practitioners or Groups.

Select Preview to view the report, which will list the patients, their contact number, and the details of their upcoming appointments (if included). A summary for each Practitioner is also included, showing the total number of patients with and without future appointments.

The Email and SMS buttons can then be used to contact these patients directly.

The Future Appointments Report is a powerful tool in communicating with patients and improving customer retention from a simple follow-up communication to remind patients of your services or to promote special offers.

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