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Adding a recall when cancelling an appointment
Adding a recall when cancelling an appointment
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New in Front Desk version 19.0.1 is the ability to add a patient recall when cancelling an appointment.

Before using this feature, ensure that appropriate Recall Types are set up in the system. To set up recall types, select Recall Types from the System menu.

Click Add to create a recall type.

Enter the Recall Type and Default Period and click OK. To edit or delete a Recall Type, select the recall type and click Edit or Delete. To adjust the order in which recall types appear, use the up and down arrows.

The Default Cancellation Recall can be chosen under the defaults tab within System Information.

With Recall Types set up in the system, you will now have the option to set a recall when deleting an appointment. Right-click an appointment from the Appointment Book and select Delete Appointment.

Select the tick box for the Set Recall option and then select Yes to proceed.

The New Recall window will appear, allowing you to customise the recall.

Once completed, select OK to add the Recall to the Patient File.

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