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WorkCover Queensland Integration
WorkCover Queensland Integration
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Smartsoft and WorkCover Queensland have been working together to develop a business to business (B2B) online invoicing process for medical and allied health practitioners to bill WorkCover directly through Front Desk. This new functionality is available for all users on a support agreement with Smartsoft by upgrading to the latest version of Front Desk (16.6.0).

Benefits for your practice include:

  • Secure transmission of invoicing information from your practice directly to WorkCover;

  • All sent invoices are available to be viewed through your WorkCover provider online account in the Send/History information;

  • You can use your WorkCover provider online account to track what stage your invoice is at with up to the minute information on the progress through WorkCover’s claim system;

  • Quicker turnaround times for processing as your B2B invoice is prioritised and invoice data no longer has to be entered manually by WorkCover; and

  • Daily disbursements are available so that once the invoice is approved your payment will be disbursed each night.

It is a simple set up process—just send an email with your practice details to (include reference to ‘B2B’ in the subject line) to obtain a B2B username/password which you can then add into Front Desk.

1. Configuration

WorkCover Queensland electronic invoicing can be enabled on the Health Fund / EFTPOS / Medicare tab on the Advanced tab in System Information.

You will only need to check the WorkCover Queensland Invoicing tick box. Leave any existing settings unchanged.

After making this change, you will be asked to restart Front Desk.

After a restart, there will be a new WorkCover Queensland tab in System Information.

On this page you can enter your User Name, Password, Account Name, and Account Number, all of which will be provided to you by WorkCover Queensland upon request.

This initial setup process will need to be replicated on all machines running Front Desk that are required to send WorkCover Queensland invoices.

Further, if the respective practitioner is apart of a practice group that has a custom ABN listed, the WorkCover Queensland Account Name and Account Number will need to be replicated on the WorkCover Queensland tab of the practice group as below:

2. Transmitting Invoices to WorkCover Queensland

Invoices are generated and transmitted to WorkCover Queensland via the patient’s Transactions page. Click Invoices to display the Invoices window.

Select your Invoice Type, and click the WorkCover QLD button.

If successful, you will see the following message.

If the invoice submission fails, an error message will be displayed to the user.

3. Viewing WorkCover Queensland Invoices

To view details of past invoices, select WorkCover Queensland Invoices from the System menu.

From this window you can view a history of submitted invoices. Clicking the + button next to an invoice allows the user to see invoice details.

By default, only successful invoices are shown. Drop down the Invoice Status option to view All invoices, or only Failed invoices.

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