We are pleased to announce that the Front Desk Xero integration is now available for general release in Front Desk v19.0.

The Xero integration is provided on a self-installation basis by following the detailed Xero Integration User Guide.

Key integration features include:

  • 3 types of integrations: Daily Summary (recommended for most users), Detailed & Detailed-Single Contact

  • Ability to synch practice groups to different organisations within the same Xero account or to separate Xero subscriptions

  • Detailed breakdown of payments in Xero to help with reconciliation

Before using this integration, please note that Xero does not provide any means to reverse an upload made to their system. It is essential that you test your integration using a Xero trial account before uploading data to your live (production) Xero organisation. Xero offers a free 30-day trial organisation, which is ideal for this purpose.

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