In order to submit Medicare/DVA claims successfully, please ensure the following information is entered into the Patient File correctly.

Step 1 - General Tab

Open the patient file and select the General tab.

Click the 'Full Name' button, and ensure the correct information is entered into the appropriate fields. Nicknames or preferred names must be entered into the Preferred field.

Click OK to continue.

Enter a valid Address and Date of Birth. A suburb listing can be produced by double-clicking the appropriate address line.

Select a Gender, and if applicable select the required Fee Category.

The General Tab is now complete; additional information may be added if desired.

Step 2 - Billing Details

Select the Billing Details tab from the patient file.

Select the Print Options button on the right-hand and select Referring Doctor and either DVA Number or Medicare Number depending on the patient type.

Enter a referring doctor by clicking the browse option of the 'Ref. Dr.' field. This will allow you to either search for an existing referring doctor, or create a new referring doctor file.

Please note this is not applicable to 'Medical Specialist Referral' users, who will instead need to enter the appropriate information into the Medical Specialist Referrals tab.

Ensure the referring doctor file includes a First Name, Surname, and an 8 character provider number. Please note, if you have been given a 7 character provider number you may need to add a '0' to the beginning to claim successfully.

After selecting a referring doctor, the 'Ref. Dr.' field should appear as below:

Click the 'More...' button and enter the corresponding Date of Referral and Referral Expiry Date.

Please note, if you have not been offered a referral expiry date it should be set 12 months from the date of referral.

The Billing Details Tab is now complete, additional information may be added if desired.

Step 3 - Medicare / DVA

Select the Medicare/DVA tab within the patients file.

If the patient is a Medicare client, enter the patient's Medicare number into the corresponding field, followed by the individual reference number. The card expiry date is not required, but can be entered for staff reference if desired.

Otherwise, if the patient is a DVA client, enter the patient's DVA number into the corresponding field, followed by the card type (gold or white).

Alternate claimant details may also be entered by selecting the 'Alternate Claimant' option if required.

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