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Network Client Troubleshooting
Network Client Troubleshooting
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If you are attempting to connect a network client to the Front Desk database, we recommend calling the Smartsoft helpdesk during business hours for assistance.

If you would like to attempt to fix it yourself, here is a quick checklist. You may need the assistance of an IT professional for some of these items.

Step 1

Run NetSetup.exe which is located in the Front Desk installation directory. Under most circumstances you should be able to enter the name or IP address of the server and successfully test the connection. If you already have a network client which is connected to the database, copy the settings from NetSetup.exe on the working network client to the computer which you are trying to set up.


Can you ping the name and IP address of the server from the network client? If not, you may have a general networking issue.

Step 3

If you have other network clients already connected to the database, go to step 7.

Step 4

In SQL Server Configuration Manager on the server, check the protocols for the FRONT_DESK instance. TCP/IP and Named Pipes should be enabled.

Step 5

In SQL Server Configuration Manager on the server, check the properties of the TCP/IP protocol. On the IP Addresses tab, under IPAll, the TCP Port should be set to 1433, and TCP Dynamic Ports should be blank. If the TCP Port already has another value in it, take a note of this number and leave it as it is.

Step 6

If you have made any changes in SQL Server Configuration Manager, changes will not take effect until the FRONT_DESK instance of SQL Server has been restarted.

Step 7

If the network client still won’t connect, attempt to establish a telnet connection to the server on the correct port (1433 by default). If this fails, you most likely have a firewall which is blocking your connection. You should add an exception for TCP/IP connections on port 1433 (by default).

Step 8

You may be attempting to connect using a version of SQL Server Native Client which isn’t installed on your PC. Front Desk should be using SQL Server 2008 Native Client (version 10). If you have an earlier version installed, you can download version 10 from the Microsoft website.

Step 9

In NetSetup.exe, in the Network Database field, try adding ,1433 after the server’s IP address. If SQL Server is listening on a different port (see step 5), use this number instead of 1433.

Step 10

For any further assistance, please contact Smartsoft helpdesk during business hours.

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