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Restore from Backup
Restore from Backup
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To restore a Front Desk backup, please follow these instructions.

Step 1

Run Front Desk. The default password for the Admin user is “admin”.

Step 2

Select Restore from Backup from the System menu.

Step 3

At this stage, if your copy of Front Desk has a temporary registration, you will be asked for an unlock code.

Step 4

Due to security concerns related to the sensitivity of your Front Desk database, we can only provide a restore unlock code once you have logged in to the secure area of our website. If you don’t have login details, please contact Smartsoft during business hours.

Request a restore unlock code (

Step 5

Type in your unlock code and click OK

Step 6

The following dialog allows you to browse for your Front Desk backup file. Once you have located it, click Restore.

Step 7

When complete, you will see this message:

Step 8

Restart Front Desk. Congratulations, you have successfully installed Front Desk and restored your database.

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