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How to access Front Desk using a Mac
How to access Front Desk using a Mac
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Front Desk is designed to operate in the Microsoft Windows environment, however there are several options for running Front Desk on a Mac. We many clients using Macs that run Front Desk successfully in one of the ways listed below:

1. Windows Emulation Software

You can run Windows emulation software on your Mac such as Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion. This will allow you to boot into your macOS environment, open the emulation application and concurrently run macOS and Windows. This can be costly as you need to buy the emulating software and a copy of a Windows operation system, as well as ensuring that your Mac has the resources to run both operating systems at once i.e. enough RAM and sufficient CPU.

2. Boot Camp

Using a utility called Boot Camp developed by Apple, you can configure your Mac so that it can start up as either a Mac or PC. With this setup, when your Mac turns on, you will choose whether you want to boot into macOS or Windows. You will still need to purchase a Windows software licence to do this.

3. Remote Desktop

If your practice has a local terminal server setup, or if you have a single Windows PC setup with terminal services installed, you can remotely connect to this server/machine through macOS using Remote Desktop for Mac. This is a utility developed by Microsoft and is a free download from the Mac App Store.

4. Terminal Server

Front Desk can be installed in a cloud-based terminal server, which will allow users to run Front Desk on any device (Mac or PC) from any location via internet access.

Full system requirements can be found at:

If you require further clarification, please feel free to call our Business Care team on 1800 18 18 20 and dial 2 after the voice prompt to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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