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Patient File Warnings in Front Desk
Patient File Warnings in Front Desk
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Patient File Warnings in Front Desk can be used to alert users of important information relating to a specific patient.

Warnings can be entered by opening a patient file and selecting the Notes tab where you can enter text into the warnings textbox.

Patient File Warnings can automatically display when performing various actions in Front Desk. To control when Warnings are displayed, go to File > System Information and select the ‘Options’ tab.

Select the checkboxes for the corresponding areas to display warnings:

  • When opening patient card

  • When making or cancelling an appointment

  • When a patient arrives

  • On the Day List

  • On the Web Appointment Book

NOTE: These are per computer settings. The settings shown above must be set per Front Desk installation. Likewise, if you reinstall Front Desk these settings will need to be reconfigured.

These warnings will display and require a window to be dismissed to ensure the warning is acknowledged by the user.

Below is an example of a Warning prompt when opening the patient file. You can type into the box to edit existing warnings or select the ‘remove’ button if the warning is no longer needed.

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