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Xero Integration Changes - October 2021
Xero Integration Changes - October 2021
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As of 1 October 2021, Xero is enforcing changes to how private desktop apps like Front Desk connect to Xero. Due to these changes, all current versions of Front Desk will no longer be able to connect with Xero.

To continue using the Xero integration, or to start using the integration, you must:

1. Upgrade to Front Desk v21.0

Click below to visit the Smartsoft Support Portal to log in and download the latest Front Desk upgrade.

2. Purchase a 'Custom Connections’ subscription in your Xero account

Xero now requires users to purchase a 'Custom Connections’ subscription to integrate with private desktop apps like Front Desk, which is an additional $10 per month per Xero Organisation.

3. Configure the Xero integration

After upgrading Front Desk and purchasing the ‘Custom Connections’ subscription, you will need to reconfigure the integration. Follow the guide below to complete this step.

4. Synchronise

Once the above changes are complete, you will be able to continue syncing your Front Desk invoicing data to Xero.

If you require assistance with this process, please contact the Smartsoft Support team.

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