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Managing COVID Vaccination Requirements in Front Desk
Managing COVID Vaccination Requirements in Front Desk
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Front Desk v21.1 introduces fields on the patient file to manage the COVID Vaccination Status of patients. This has been introduced to assist businesses that are only servicing patients who are vaccinated against COVID, either by choice or legal requirement.

The following fields are available on the General tab of the patient file:

Within the COVID Vacc. field users can record the patient's vaccination status as:

  • Unknown

  • Unvaccinated

  • Partially Vaccinated

  • Fully Vaccinated

By default all patients will be set with an 'Unknown' status until the business can confirm their current vaccination status and update this field.

The date field should be used to record when the vaccination took place, as the requirements for 'booster shots' in coming years are still unknown. Should it be necessary to track booster shots in the future, the date field can be updated to represent this 'renewed' vaccination status.

The date field can also be used in conjunction with the 'Unknown' or 'Unvaccinated' statuses, to represent that the status was unknown or the patient confirmed as unvaccinated as of a specific date.

Vaccination Status Warnings

If required additional warnings can be enabled based on the patients COVID vaccination status.

To enable these warnings go to System Information > Options.

Through these settings users can be warned depending on the vaccination status of the patient. The warning will be triggered based on these selections above:

Users will also be warned at the time of Billing or Receipting.

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