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Uninstalling Medicare Online Claiming and Java
Uninstalling Medicare Online Claiming and Java
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The process to uninstall Medicare Online Claiming and the related Java application is detailed below.

How to disable Medicare Online Claiming in Front Desk

1) Login to Front Desk as the Admin user.

2) Go to File > System Information.

3) Navigate to the Advanced > Health Fund / EFTPOS / Medicare tab.

4) Disable the Accept Medicare / DVA Online Claiming option.

5) Click Close and Save Changes.

6) Close Front Desk.

How to uninstall Medicare Online Claiming:

1) Go to your Start menu and search for 'Add or remove programs'.
Depending on your operating system, this can also be referred to as 'Uninstall a program' via Control Panel.

2) Search for 'Medicare Online Claiming' and select 'Uninstall'

3) Complete the 'Uninstall' process.

4) Return to the 'Add or remove programs' window and search for 'Java'.
​Java(TM) 6 Update 26 is an application used by Medicare Online Claiming and should also be removed. Note you may have other applications dependant on Java 6 on your computer. If you believe you have other applications using Java 6 please refer your enquiry to your IT support staff as to whether it is safe to remove Java on your machine.

5) Complete the 'Uninstall' process.

6) Restart your computer.

7) Return to 'Add or remove programs' and ensure both 'Medicare Online Claiming' and 'Java' are no longer installed.

8) SUCCESS! You have now uninstalled Medicare Online Claiming and the related Java application.

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