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Updating the PKI Certificate Manager and Initialising Defaults
Updating the PKI Certificate Manager and Initialising Defaults
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Front Desk integrates with the Medicare Online Claiming software, which uses various security certificates to achieve a secure connection between our software and Medicare/DVA.

This article explains the process of updating your PKI Certificate Manager and the auxiliary Medicare certificates used in the claiming process. This is recommended as a troubleshooting process if you are experiencing certificate or claiming issues.

Part 1 - Updating your PKI Certificate Manager

1) If your PKI Certificate Manager is currently open, please close it now.

2) Download and install the updated PKI Certificate Manager (v2.3.21) using the following link: PKI Certificate Manager Installer

3) Go to your Control Panel and search for 'PKI Certificate Manager'

4) Click the About... button and verify your PKI Certificate Manager is the correct version as below:

5) Success! You have updated your PKI Certificate Manager software.

Please leave the PKI Certificate Manager open and proceed to the next set of instructions to update your certificates.

Part 2 - Obtaining your PSI Store Passphrase

To proceed with Updating your Certificates in the next stage of this process, you will need to know your PSI Store Passphrase.

To obtain your passphrase please do the following:

1) Download the PSIPassphrase utility from the following link:

2) Open the downloaded PSIPassphrase.exe file.

3) When presented with the Front Desk login screen, proceed using your normal Front Desk credentials.

4) Record the displayed PSI Store Passphrase.

Part 3 - Clean-up and Initialise Defaults

1) With the PKI Certificate Manager still open, go to the Other People tab.

2) Go to Store > Advance > Clean Up...

3) When prompted enter your PSI Store Passphrase and click Next:

4) When prompted for the Cleanup Criteria, leave all three options selected and click Next.

5) Confirm that you see only expired 'Medicare Australia' certificates in this list and click Finish.

6) Upon returning to the Other People tab you should now see all the excess 'Medicare Australia' certificates have been removed.

7) Go to Store > Initialise Defaults.

8) Enter your PSI Store Passphrase again when prompted and click Next.

9) Click Finish to import the new certificates into your PSI Certificate Store.

10) Success! You have now updated the auxiliary Medicare certificates.

Note: If you have multiple computers configured for Medicare Online Claiming you will need to repeat this process on those machines. Alternatively, you can copy the 'Updated' certificate store file from this machine (C:\ProgramData\Smartsoft\Front Desk\hic.psi) and paste it into the same directory on your other machines using Medicare Online.

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