By default, installations of the Patient Booking Gateway and Web Appointment Book are configured with an SSL security certificate provided by Smartsoft so they can be accessed securely. These Front Desk Web applications use a domain of within the URL to access your Patient Booking Gateway or Web Appointment Book in the same format as the links below.

If the URL to access your Front Desk web applications is not using the domain as above, this means you have a custom installation and are not required to update your SSL certificate at this time and you do not need to follow the instruction below.

If you are using the domain to access your Front Desk web applications you must update this SSL security certificate prior to 20 June 2022, otherwise you will start to receive a security error when trying to accessing these websites.

To update your SSL security certificate you will need to download and run an installation program on the computer/server hosting your web application(s) using the instructions which follow.

Who SHOULD use this installer (Default Setups) :

Who SHOULD NOT use this installer (Non-Default Setups):

  • Users with their own SSL Security Certificate and custom web address that does not contain, which means you are not using the Smartsoft provided SSL security certificate.

  • Users with a custom port specified in their web address, such as: or;

    Any numbers following ":" in your URL such '8443' indicated that this is a

    Non-Default web application setup.

  • Users running their Patient Booking Gateway or Web Appointment Book on Windows 8.1, 8, Vista, 7 / Windows Server 2008 or older operating systems.

    For all Non-Default setups as above please contact the Smartsoft Helpdesk for assistance

What does this installer do?

This process has now been automated with the following installer:

Smartsoft SSL Certificate Installer

Before proceeding with this installer, please see below:

This installer will import an updated security certificate into Internet Information Services (IIS), and replace the SSL certificate bound to the 'Default Web Site' using port 443. By proceeding with this installation it is assumed you have not customised your setup of IIS with an alternate HTTPS port or SSL certificate, and that you do not use the 'Default Web Site' for other purposes.


1) Confirm your configuration of the Booking Gateway or Web Appointment Book is considered standard as above, and that this installer is suitable for your use. If you are unsure please contact Smartsoft on

2) On the computer hosting your Patient Booking Gateway or Web Appointment Book, download the SSL Certificate Installer: Smartsoft SSL Certificate Installer

3) Run the SSL Certificate Installer and follow the prompts:

Please note your computer's Administrator credentials may be required.

Click Finish when prompted.

4) In a web browser, go to your Patient Booking Gateway or Web Appointment Book address (e.g. and verify the site loads correctly.

5) Success! Your SSL security certificate has now been updated.

Note: This has updated your SSL security certificate for another year, with an expiry date of 26/06/2023. Smartsoft will notify users again when a new SSL certificate should be installed on your machine.

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