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Displaying Practitioner SIRA and AHPRA details on your Invoices
Displaying Practitioner SIRA and AHPRA details on your Invoices
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State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) in NSW requires that all workers compensation and related third-party invoices contain a practitioner's SIRA and AHPRA numbers. A practitioner's (health fund/Medicare) provider number is not required for allied health practitioners when invoicing. You can learn more about the SIRA requirements from their website here:

Front Desk can automatically select a practitioner's registration number details, such as their Provider, SIRA and AHPRA numbers, based on the Fee Category or Health Fund of the patient.

For the automatic selection of the correct practitioner registration, it is essential that the patient has the appropriate Fee Category selected on their file. Typically, these Fee Categories may be "Workcover" or "Third-Party (SIRA)".

If you need to add a new Fee Category, please navigate to File > System Information and navigate to the Fee Categories tab.

Displaying a Practitioner SIRA and AHPRA number on an Invoice

To set up SIRA and AHPRA numbers for a practitioner, go to File > Practitioners and double-click on a practitioner to open their file.

Go to the Provider Numbers tab and then click Add.

In the Provider No field enter both the SIRA and AHPRA numbers, such as below:

SIRA: 12345 AHPRA: PHY0001234567

Be sure to select your 'WorkCover' or equivalent Fee Category, where you'd like this registration number used, and enable the Custom Label option.

Click OK and and close the current practitioner file, saving when prompted. Now repeat this process for all other practitioner files as necessary.

This change means these SIRA and AHPRA registration details will appear on all future invoices and any reissued (print/email) invoices when the patient is assigned to the appropriate Fee Category.

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