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How to manage patient recalls in Front Desk
How to manage patient recalls in Front Desk
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The recalls feature in Front Desk allows staff to schedule follow ups and tasks relating to a patient. Examples including following up diabetes reviews, orthotic reviews and general time-based follow ups.

The first step is to set up a Recall Type. Go to System > Recall Types and select Add

Label your Recall Type and set a Default Period of when it should be due.

To set a recall on a patient’s file go to the Recalls tab and select Add.

Select the appropriate Recall Type and add any relevant notes related to this Recall. You can use the Recurrence pattern to decide how many times this Recall should take effect, whether it is a once-off or needs to happen every month for the next year. The Recall date will automatically be set to the Default Period which you previously set up.

To view a list of due recalls, go to Reports > Recall Patient List. This should be a daily or weekly task.

This allows you to set a Recall Period, filter by Recall Type or Practice Group/Practitioner to generate a list of patients who are due for a recall.

You can then send them an Email or SMS in bulk or generate letter to be mailed out. For information on creating SMS and Email Templates in Front Desk, please see the following article:

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